The White Family

The White Family

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Snow Days?

Snow Angels!

My little snow babies!

I haven't blogged in forever...the holiday season is always so busy. But so much fun!!! I miss it already. Jan-Spring Break is so long, cold and boring. We have gotten off to a fun start with a few snow days, if you can call them that. The kids loved sliding around in the snow and made some fantastic snow angels on the trampoline. We went to visit our neighbors back in GA this past weekend. It was great seeing everyone. It felt like we never is hard to believe it has really been a year and a half. All the kiddos have grown so much! We came back with a nasty stomach bug and are just now recovering(Thanks Bonnie ;-). Today has been good though. Holland went to school, but the rest of us stayed home. Tomorrow it is back to school and the real world!

In other new, we recently found out that Jason's Dad has lung cancer. It is stage 3 because it has spread to 2 surrounding lymph nodes. He begins chemo this Thurs. so please keep him in your prayers. He is not a candidate for surgery at this point, so the chemo/radiation is our only hope. He is keeping good spirits and the Dr. is saying there is hope 50-75% recovery. God can heal him, we know. We are all very scared and worried and really need God's peace in our lives right now.

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