The White Family

The White Family

Sunday, January 31, 2010

More Snow Days!!!


My goal for the new year is to post at least once a month. This month was totally about snow days!!! Oh, and the stomach bug and swine flu. With that is no surprise that I only worked 7 days this entire month!!! Seriously! We did get a lot of painting and cleaning done due to being at home so much. I hope Feb. brings better health...Holland was sick for 7 days with H1N1. She was so miserable. I am now considering the vaccine....I only have 2 sick days left.
The girls both got straight A's on their report cards. We were so proud of them. They each earned some money for all those A's, so we made a trip to Justice to celebrate. They spent all their money on Zhu Zhu pets and accessories. Taylor, Jackson and Jason went to the Circus with some friends and Brian, Carter, Cooper and Jesselyn. Holland was still sick, so she and I stayed home :-( We don't have much planned for Feb. except for Jackson't 4th b-day on the 28th. I will post fun b-day picks then!

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