The White Family

The White Family

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Hello all! I can't believe it has been since March since I last blogged. Facebook has really taken over the blogging world I think! Anyway, I just felt like updating a few things.

The kiddos are all great. Jackson I enjoying preschool 4 days a week now. He is such a big boy. He is truly the size of most of the kindergarteners at school. He loves his teachers and is doing great! He is playing soccer again and this time Cooper is on his team. It is nice to be able to see both boys play during one game!

Holland is now in the fourth grade. Wow! She is doing awesome! We will be getting report cards next week...but from what I can tell from her online grades, she will have all A's and B's. Not too shabby since fourth grade is really tough. She continues to enjoy drawing and writing stories.

Taylor is growing so much! I can't believe she is already a second grader. She is making good grades too...all A's and a few B's. She is in Girl Scouts(Brownies) this year so be ready some cookie solicitation in the spring ;-). Both girls are going to start gymnastics in January.

I am almost done with my master's degree!!!! Dec. 3rd is the last day of student teaching. I already completed my first placement in kindergarten and now I am teaching fourth grade. I love them both so far....

Jason continues to travel and we continue to miss him. We are so thankful for his job though!! He is happy and loves what he does...just not the time away from us. Anyway....all of this brings us up to date and hopefully I will do a better job keeping up! Here are a few new pics from the fall.....

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